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Residential and Commercial Services

If you have any of these issues with your countertops, we can help you:
Seam Separations
Scratches or Dullness
Modifications & Cutting
Burns, Pits, & Chips

Simply email pictures to, so we can inspect for free.

Thinking of purchasing a DIY repair kit?

Kits can often make the issue worse, and your countertops will be more damaged.  Call us for advice on what is best for your countertops.

Whether replacing a cracked sink, supporting a dropped sink, or refinishing minor scratches, trained technicians are available.

Replacing or repairing a sink is a perfect time to refinish your countertops, and make your kitchen shine again! Add a refinish, and get a discount on your sink replacement.

No job is too small. We will apply the same professional quality, no matter if you have only one wall that needs painted, or a whole house.

Quality is our priority. We'll seal cracks, clean or power wash, and ensure a smooth, even coat.


when adding a handyman service, such as repairing fences, plumbing, drywall, and more.

Before & After

A sensor alerted this homeowner that their sink was leaking. This was caused by a crack in the bottom of the sink bowl. We came in to replace the sink, but their old sink is no longer manufactured, so we had to install a new version. This version is somewhat different, with all 4 corners being more square. After removing the faucet, sink drains, garbage disposal, and cutting out the old sink, we then had to cut all 4 corners of the countertop. We sanded, installed the new sink, reconfigured the drains, and garbage disposal. Finally, a beautiful semi-gloss refinish for the countertops, and their kitchen was as good as new!

"Outstanding Work!"

-  Mr. Carey




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