We can help you choose your color, and always use either low or no VOC paint. We also clean and prepare the area for painting.


Whether inside or outside, we protect all surfaces that won't be painted, and repair issues on the walls of your house.


After spraying, rolling and brushing to get perfect finish, we make that you're happy with the final paint application.

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Interior & Exterior

Whether walls or ceilings, a fresh coat of paint can transform a home. Bring a bright new pop of color into your room, or protect the outside of your house with a new layer of paint.


We make sure to cover the area around where we paint, apply an even coat, use low VOC paint, and clean up when we leave.

painted cabinets


From start to finish, we are detailed and thorough. From sanding the cabinets for a smooth finish, adding stain & varnish, adding new hinges,  or simply applying primer & paint.


Refresh your inside or outside trim, including doors, windows, baseboards, and more. We prep, clean and paint any trim.

desk painted


Applying new paint can make furniture seem as if it was new. Extend the life of your furniture with new paint!

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