First, we cover the floor, and protect nearby. Several tools have vacuum attachments to make sure dust doesn't spread through your home. We may also put up coverings to minimize dust.


If replacing the sink, we will remove the original. Then, we may modify the counter to fit the new sink. After installation, we make sure there is support and reinforcement where possible.


After completing the repair, we make sure to clean up. We put everything back as it was, and make it seem as if we were never there.


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Sink Replacement

Install a New Sink

If you want a farmer sink, are tired of your old sink, or just want something new, we can replace your old sink and install a new one. If you need help finding a sink, we may be able to help, just ask! Depending on the type of countertops you have, we may be able to cut the countertop to fit a larger sink, or add material for a smaller sink.


Replace a Damaged Sink

A crack or other damage often requires replacing the sink. For solid surface countertops, we can modify the counter to fit the sink. For stone countertops, we can make the area larger or wider only.

Sink Refinish


Sinks easily get scratches and minor pot burns, blemishes/stains/pits. We can refinish your sink and make it look like new again.

Sink Repair


Has your sink dropped or fallen away from the countertop? We will add support, add silicone, and help prevent future issues.

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